Saturday, 22 December 2012

Surfin' Santa

It's not over....
...until the Big Fella has delivered the last remaining gift aboard his trusty sleigh.
Yes...this is 'Surfin' Santa from the digital stethoscope that is Doctor Digi's House of Stamps. (Said in a deep, echoey X-Factor-style-announcer's-voice!)
After all his deliveries on Christmas Eve you will find ol' Santa slapping on the sun-screen & surfin' waves somewhere hot n' steamy and NOT sat at home trumping on a brussel sprout like the rest of us.
Oh he is a Wise Man!
Card details on my blog here.


  1. Super cool card! I love how you created the wave :D

  2. That's one sun kissed Santa if ever i saw one Jane. Love the card.