Thursday, 26 September 2013

Holiday Romance

Well Mrs Digi and myself are back from our holiday in Rovinj.  Don't think it was all 
Adriatic sunsets and mojitos (well there were a few).  We had a little drama while we were 
there. One evening we heard a loud mewing from the small wood at the bottom of the 
garden where we were staying.   After investigating, we found this little sweetie abandoned 
and stuck up a tree. The poor thing was really scared, and it's just as well we found her,
as that night there was a HUGE storm... torrential rain and lightning, like you wouldn't believe.

 We would have loved to have kept her, but she was a bit of a handfull for Mrs Digi's parents, 
who we were staying with (they're in thier 80s bless them) . So after a few weeks of being 
spoilt rotten, we found her a great home with a local butcher who loves cats.  There was a bit 
of an emotional goodbye, but at least we know she'll be looked after well, and we shared our 
holiday with the best little kitty  =0)


  1. She's beautiful! Love her beautiful coat!

  2. What a super cute little sweety! She had luck you have found her and find her a new good home. xx Bianca