Saturday, 2 November 2013

Beach Bum Bob

Just a quickie from me today, not been doing much crafting lately, need to find some spare time an get some digi's coloured an made into cards, Anyways...

This is Beach Bum Bob, he doesn't look like he gets up to much except sunbathing an cocktails, but he is in disguise and has his normal work clothes tucked in his bag. He decided to bunk off work as it's such a nice day. There's nothing worse than being somewhere where the weather is nice and your due to be stuck in a warm office all day with people moaning about how warm it is lol (he's not here in the UK then, it's a bit chilly at the mo) The only problem is he is not used to wearing the fake beard and wig and as it's warm it's starting to irritate him, oh well at least he's not at work and he's having a lovely day, can't have everything :)

You can get Beach Bum Bob HERE as well of lots of other fun images and papers

Have a great weekend all and I will see you next time
Hugs Mandz xox

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