Tuesday, 12 August 2014

On Your Retirement - Part 2

So, you've gone for lots of long rambling walks and that has really invigorated you on your retirement, so what to do next?  Take up a new hobby of course!!

Here is Deirdery Wired For Sound in her retro 80's outfit, slowly getting to grips with the roller boots, elbow and knee pads essential.

I used to have some rather similar roller boots. However they were butchered by my brother - his skateboards wheels were knackered, so next best thing were mine. And he tried to hide the evidence of his cunningness in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Nearly 30 years on and the memory still smarts somewhat.


  1. Stunning card for of colour and cheer Ginny x

  2. Now you're just showing off... and there's still part 3 to come? =0)