Friday, 17 October 2014

Lonely This Christmas

Well apparently according to one of our national newspapers we are due an Arctic winter, given they said this last year and the year before forgive me if I am somewhat sceptical about such a promise. However, I am ever hopeful for a little bit of snow! This young man is Lonely This Christmas, not sure how good a companion a snowman or, possibly (I'm saying nothing about the spare snowballs), snowwoman will be but you never know, in true Raymond Brigg's style, what will happen in the night!

You can find Lonely This Christmas HERE and why not check out the site for more Christmas goodies both now and in the upcoming months (actually not many months now). Late summer has appeared here in the north west of England so shorts here I come, then again maybe not, hope you all have a good weekend
Ruth x


  1. Brilliant sentiment and a wonderful card Ginny x

  2. That's a fab card Ruth, I'm always a sucker for a little shiney :)

  3. Just wonderful, even his spare snowballs LOL. Love the sentiment too