Sunday, 16 August 2015

Beach Bum Bob

Morning All - Wow I would love to be relaxing somewhere with a cocktail right now... Really rubbish morning so far! I've been working late so was trying to get this post up for your this morning as soon as I woke but my laptop has decided to die on me! Ever tried to do a blog post via an ipad??

Anyway to cut a long story short.... I'm now rushing!! But hopefully you will be able to see the Fabulous Beach Bum Bob below.... I am so very ready for a holiday by the sea in some tropical paradise...

Our Bob still has his party shirt on despite the fact hes stranded... nothing will get him down!
Check him and his mates out over at the shop.

Sorry it a quick dash and run today... I promise next week I will be much more organised and less tardy!!! Full card recipe will be posted over on my blog at somepoint ... Ha !

Have a great week people and fingers crossed the sun currently coming though my windows stays with us long enough to get our cocktails like Bob!
Liz (:(|)x


  1. A love the backdrop to this card and he look very summery Ginny x

  2. Well your iPad post seems to have worked, and just as well, it's a cracking card, Bob certainly is living the life :)