Sunday 27 September 2015

Gluteus Maximus.

This is Gluteus Maximus. 
Just look at him... all poised like a coiled spring - ready for any action that comes his way! He is certainly no "Bum" lazing around. (Get it??)

I ... on the other hand am quite the opposite this Sunday Morning and may just hide in my bed today...  I spent all yesterday at the Rugby club watching the local match and then England's World cup game. There were a few local bands playing and a BBQ set up too, so obviously I also had to partake in a little social drinking....

How ace is this image? I loved colouring him and I kept it quite traditional with Reds and Greys but I liked the touch of gold. I'm pleased with the way they have come together and its still a masculine card whilst being bright and colourful.

Have a great day folks and I hope Gluteus Maximus is an inspiration to you today!
Liz (:(|)x


  1. Fabulous card sounds like a great day out Ginny x

    1. It would have been better if England had won! 😉

  2. Smashing card Liz, a massively underused digi in my opinion too.. you've done a fab job, love the colours :)

  3. Love how you have put this together, great colours and isn't he a hulk of a man?

    I watched the game too! Glad we won!!!!!!!!!