Friday, 15 January 2016

Skater Stanley

The kids are in school
The skate parks are full
With Grandads out on their boards
A cut on the lip
The odd broken hip
Skating has its rewards!!!!

Stanley is out getting his daily exercise, he can do a caballarial with the best of them (no I have no idea what that means either, I just googled skateboarding terms)

You can find Skater Stanley HERE, hope you have a lovely weekend, I expect my Poet Laureate award in the post
Ruth x


  1. A fabulous and fun card and how true the sentiment and verse Ginny x My Blog As I do Rodos

  2. Great and fun card!! I know some men who think they are still young :o)

  3. lol i don't which made me grin most, the card or the poem... top marks for both Ruth :)

  4. Brilliant - so Im off to google caballarial!! Fab card x