Friday, 24 July 2015

Big Archie Butterthwaite

Meet Big Archie Butterthwaite, as you can see both Archie and his dog Butterball have not been shy when it comes to pies and pasties! However who's to say that this week the papers might not announce that pies and pasties are good for you after all, preventing the catastrophic inconvenience of an ingrowing toenail or the pain of a boil on the bum!

You can find Archie HERE and the sentiment comes from Funny Sentiment Sheet 2, to be found HERE. Hope you all have a good weekend
Ruth x


  1. LOL brilliant sentiment and fabulous colouring of the image Ginny x

  2. lol butterball's a great name for archies dog, and that sentiment's a great match.. brill card ruth :)