Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bath Time Deirdery

Hello All -  Happy Valentines Day!
Now I love a bath (Too much info?)  I can sit in a bath for hours and just keep topping up the water to keep it warm. And like Our Deirdery I will often take a drink with me (Yes...sometimes it is a glass of wine!!Please don't judge me!)

It's not a traditional Valentines card but... Bath Time Deirdery from Dr Digi certainly looks relaxed and I love this digi looking all feminine and pink. So I hope you get sometime to relax today. We don't actually "do" Valentines Day - Apparently I get treated like a Princess everyday!!!

So have a lovely day - whatever that is for you! Don't forget if you would like to see the full recipe it's on my blog. 
Liz (:(|)X


  1. This is absolutely a fabulous girly card! Fantastic design :o) Love it!

  2. Wonderful papers and card layout Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  3. Deirdery's certainly gone up in the world with those gold taps Liz lol it's a really fab card, lots of lovely little touches that work really well together :)

  4. Exactly what my hubby says LOL. Love the card.