Friday 30 August 2013

Nellie the Elephant Forgot

An elephant never forgets, well unfortunately Nellie did, a bad example to other elephants but she gets away with it by looking so cute. Obviously I chose Nellie as the name for my (well Dr Digi's) elephant but there is nothing to stop you having a Neville the Elephant. Now we have a Critter Heffalump maybe Dr Digi has plans for a Woozle (obviously if you are not an afficionado of Winnie the Pooh you think this DT member has lost the plot!)

Critter Elephant is available HERE along with many other digital delights.


  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT LoL This made me chortle :-)
    Ooooooh Yes - let's have a Woozle :-D :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What a great idea for the digi Ruth, love the concept and really well done =0)