Monday, 19 August 2013


Tea hunt, you say? What's all this then? Well, Dr. Digi thought it would
be a good bit of fun to see how observant you crafty lot are. The Doc has used
his favorite “I love Tea” mug in a few digis over the months. Six, to be precise.
So the Hunt is on! Just find all 6 digis (we're not including coloured digis), email
us your list to sales@doctor-digi, and we will put all the entries into a draw to be
announced in the next newsletter. The winner will win all 6 of the “Tea” digis
 plus another 4 of their choice! Yep, 10 digis all in all! And just to be nice, we'll 
even point you in the direction of your first one. Though it is a little obvious... 
The new freebie isCuppa”

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