Sunday, 29 November 2015

Peg Leg Pete - Takes a stand.

Morning - I thought I'd have a break from the christmas creations just before December kicks in and the festive period takes hold. So I have used Peg leg Pete to make something a bit different.

I do love Christmas but it seems to start earlier and earlier every year... I refuse to put my decorations up until December starts but then don't want to take them down as everywhere looks so bare afterwards.

So I am taking a stand and Peg Leg Pete is my little bit of rebellion against the early Christmas... He is such a fab image and so full of character. I purposefully added a general greeting so I can use this card for any occasion.

Right - I need to go and get ready for Church. Need to pray for some dry weather as we are off to York for a few days to make a dint in the Christmas shopping. Excited as we are going to Jamie Oliver's restaurant for dinner one night too... You know how much I love my food!

If you would like the full recipe for this card - take a look at my blog.
Hope you all have a lovely day,


  1. Fabulous card he looks very fearsome. Good luck with the Christmas shopping enjoy your meal Ginny x

  2. Looks like he is proving his point of no early Christmas. Fabulous card!
    Jamie Oliver's....I'm jealous. Eat some for me :o)

    1. I'll be eating enough for three!! Thanks Tina x