Sunday, 15 November 2015

Professor retires.

Morning! For todays card I have used this image called Professor Dummkopf . I love this image and he has so many uses...

I made this card on specific request from my other half  - his friend and colleague was retiring. And he picked this image to use on the card that I made for all the team to sign. They are all forensic science geeks so Prof D was perfect. (I can call them that because Geek is chic these days!)

This morning as I'm off to church...  We are going because I want to get married in the lovely little village church just down the road from where we are putting the Tipi for the reception. We get married in May but have to attend for 6 months.
In fact the Husband-to-be has a clipboard just like Prof D with the "Wedding to do list" on... Need I say any more!! ( But at least one of us is organised!)

If you want the full lowdown on this card - pop to my blog.

Have a lovely day - fingers crossed it stops raining at some point as I need to go for a run (Got a white frock to fit into soon...)
Liz (:(|)x


  1. Fabulous card just right for this occasion. Congratulation of your forthcoming marriage Ginny x

  2. Fabulous nerdy card! Love it! Congrats on your upcoming wedding :o)

  3. What a smashing card Liz, love the colouring, and that blueprint backing paper's a lovely little touch :)