Monday, 22 October 2012

Run Derek Run!

Not sure if Derek here is out for a gentle jog or on the run from his wife Deirdery !
Run Derek Run is just one of a whole heap of awesome images available from the digital quill of Doctor Digi's - House of Stamps.
Card details on my blog here.


  1. Amazing, love the paper pieced scenery
    Ruth x

  2. Derek is running straight to me, he's such a cutie-putie! Fabulous card and wonderful background! The goggly eyes are just extra fun!

  3. Love the card Jane, Derek in the sky with diamonds =0) That's one psychadelic scenery.

  4. hahahaha...I'm lurving those googly eyes!! Whatever he's running to or from, he won't get lost with those peepers. O-O Terrific card Jane!!