Sunday, 21 October 2012

Uriah the Undertaker

I am thrilled to the moon and back to be part of  Dr. Digi's House of Stamps' full-fledged design team and working with such fun images and designers with astounding brilliance and talent!

For today's card I used Uriah the Undertaker, one of Dr. Digi's House of Stamps' super fun 
Halloween images and proceeded to make him a little hideaway that he can call his own and that he would feel most at home in. His only complaint is that there is no bar!

Uriah the Undertaker is pleased with his new accommodations and said no one has ever
 been so thoughtful!

Forgive the paperclips, they keep the doors closed while Uriah gets his rest!
Please be a good sport and become a follower! The design team member that gets the 
most followers wins a new car! 


  1. Oh sweeeeet!!! A new car??? How awesome is that! Does it come with a bar too? ;) Tammy, you are a riot and I lurve Uriah's new flat. The coloring on the coffin looks amazing and what a groovy retreat for this little undertaker!!

  2. Fantastic card and fabulous coloring/shading!

  3. A new car??? Missed that in the 'Terms & Conditions'.
    Fabulous card Tammy...another original creation!

  4. Great card, love the doors and the paperclips add that certain je ne sais quoi! Is the car a convertible? Need to work out my priorities for this week
    Ruth x

  5. What a fantastic card Tammy. Though i'm not so sure about all this "new car" shenanigans. =0)

  6. Fabulously fun as always Tammy I can always count on your cards and tall tales to bring a smile to my day! Nice try on the car by the way too! xx