Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Spot of Washing Up

All is well.  Dave is rather proud of his brand new shiny and squeaky clean kitchen.  It is not quite to his taste, however Dave does not look a gift horse in the mouth especially when it is a free kitchen.  He has been enjoying a lucky streak on the bingo down at the Legion on a Friday night and this is one of his winnings.

Flip Flop Fred who calls the numbers (down at the Legion on a Friday bingo night) said he knows a mate who knows this bloke's uncle's sister's boyfriend who works at B&Q.  And he got it cheap. So that was the prize a week last Friday.

And Dave is happy he can wash his dishes until they sparkle and shine when ever he likes.  All is well.

To purchase your very own Dishcloth Dave head on over to Dr Digi's House of StampsDishcloth Dave is unfortunately not free (like the kitchen) but for a nominal fee of £1 he can be your Dishcloth Diva.


  1. Great card! The handsome Dave can do my dishes too!

  2. This is hands down....AWESOME!!! Love the coloring on him, the kitchen background and that groovy retro poster :)

  3. LOL, love the background and the story

  4. Love what you've done with Dave, got the coulours spot on.
    It's kind of freaky though, we've just had our kitchen re done
    and it's exactly the one in your background lol