Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Knitting Champion

Knitty Nora, who once was the Knitting Champion of Kendal in 1953, is still very active in knitting circles and regularly donates all her finished items to a refuge for abandoned animals.  These sad and neglected animals find great comfort in Nora's misshapen knits and her weird and wonderful colour combinations are most welcome to the chameleons.

So here is a snapshop of Nora in action, proudly displaying the Champion of Kendal 1953 trophy.

You too can have your very own Knitty Nora (with or without sparkly pink fluffly slippers) as she is available to buy right now.  And to finish the scene, the trophy and coffee table have been added.


  1. Fantastic card Ruth! Nora looks terrific!

  2. Here was me thinking it was a sock Nora was knitting, when it's quite obviously a snake cosy. Amazing card Ruth, another winner...