Friday, 31 January 2014

Weekend Wanda

Well it is Wanda's birthday and she has a meal booked for the evening with hubby Walter, however getting ready for an evening out is not a five minute affair so she is starting her day slowly with the prerequisite cup of tea. The curlers are in so her luscious looks will be a sight to behold come the night.

You can find Weekend Wanda HERE, you can also find her husband Walter in his weekend attire HERE.
By the way inside the card reads 'that means you are one in a million', I think we can safely say Wanda fits that description!!


  1. Fabulous card design and beautifully coloured image Ginny x

  2. Wanda looks fab! Great card and I love the sentiment!

  3. She looks so lovely. I think she will be a beauty after doing her make up :)
    xxx Michelle

  4. Absolutely fantastic card Ruth.. Definitely one of my favorites of yours =0)

  5. Great card. Love all the different papers. great colouring. Stacey S xxx