Friday, 7 March 2014

Cricketing Derek

 Oops, looks like Derek forgot to arrange for the groundsman! My Grandad, who was a player and an umpire for over 60 years would've been unimpressed, and my Nan, the great keeper of a scoreboard, whilst knitting and keeping an eye on my Dad and his sister, would have raised a significant eyebrow!  I might be lying if I said that I didn't choose this image just so I could use the word googly in the sentiment!

You can find Cricket Derek HERE with all the other fantastically, characterful images that Dr Digi has penned, or is that pencilled.


  1. Fabulous sentiment great colouring Ginny x

  2. Any excuse to use "googlies" is a good one in my book... Fantastic card Ruth =0)

  3. Absolutely terrific! That truly is high grass!