Thursday, 13 March 2014

Deirdery's Day Off!

Hi everyone, Stacey here with today's post. So we are all fed up of the cold, rain right? Well I say we should take a leaf out of Deirdery's book and escape somewhere hot! She's lounging on the beach for her birthday and who can blame her! Let's hope Derek packed her factor 30! It's actually my birthday tomorrow but I can guarantee I won't be laid on a beach! Oh Well!

Deirdery's Day Off can be bought from the store HERE & more details on this card including how to do the clouds and sand are included over on my bog HERE

See you all next week
Keep Smilin'
Stacey x x x


  1. Stunning image and beautifully coloured Ginny x

  2. Brilliant stuff Stacey, that's one inviting look beach =0)