Friday, 25 April 2014

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dunderton

Once retired Ambrose Dunderton had a bit of spare time on his hand, he briefly took up bowls but he threw one so hard it ricocheted off Mabel Ollerenshaw's zimmer, she slipped and broke her hip, and then it took out the tearoom's window!

So off he went to the local Dojo in Dunderopolis where he found his raison d'etre (I'm typing this at 7.40am who knew I could come up with words like that!)! He raced through the belts kicking ever higher, now all the local youths in the park walk smartly away in the opposite direction, this is a man who will not stand for any cheek.

You can find Crouching Tiger Hidden Dunderton HERE and the sentiment can be found HERE, also check out the new funny sentiments sheet which can be found HERE, they made me laugh!


  1. Fabulous card design and brilliant sentiment Ginny x

  2. Wonderful card design, but I truly love the commentary! Such a laugh, good way to start the day.
    Joyce x

  3. Brill card Ruth, and Mabel Ollerenshaw is definately on the list of characters to draw =0)

  4. Fantastic this card. I like the background paper you used.
    xxx Michelle