Friday, 11 April 2014

Hilda and Hercules

Now once upon a time Hilda's glasses weren't as good as they could have been. She went to the local dogs home to get herself a small house dog. The assistant being a wily fellow realised that Hilda would be a great dog owner, so he may have insinuated that puppy Hercules was in fact a full grown terrier. I think Hilda is not quite as daft as she might have looked but had already fallen in love with the fuzzy shape of Hercules! Now Hilda gets no hassle from anyone when she is taking Hercules for a walk; small children even look forward to seeing her out and about in the park as Hercules is a big softy inside and more than ready to give a ride or two.

You can find Hilda and Hercules HERE
Sentiment can be found HERE on Sentiment Sheet 01


  1. Brilliant card gorgeous paper and wonderful introduction to Hilda and Hercules Ginny x

  2. Fantastic card Ruth =0) bones and fire hydrants? what dog could ask for more?

  3. Lovely card. I like the colourfull papers.
    xxx Michelle