Sunday, 24 February 2013

Morris and Mildred

The newlyweds, Morris and Mildred from Dr. Dig's House of Stamps, are having their picture taken after tying the knot! While Morris is a little shellshocked by the ordeal, Mildred is pleased with the wedding celebration and loves being the center of attention!  Mildred is not concerned about the price tag of the festivities since she is expecting Morris to cough up the entire amount. Morris on the other hand plans to indulge in many shots of bourbon to give him courage to tell Mildred he is flat broke! Morris should skip the booze and head straight to Mexico, far, far away from Mildred!


  1. Fabulous card Tammy, Mildred reminds me of my Nan god rest her soul, I like the arch and the flowers.
    Kevin xx

  2. Wonderful wedding card Tammy, love the colours

  3. Gorgeous card, beautiful framing of the happy couple!