Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bedside Manner

Here I am with my first post for Dr Digi and it is a real honour to join the small but perfectly formed team!  I will be your Girl Tuesday and to start it off, here is Night Nurse Nina with her most favoured expression.

It's one of those looks that can be applied in almost any clinical situation.  Especially if she's holding a rather large needle.  And yes, she's been heard to say, in a rather bored and patronising voice, 'it's only a little scratch' whilst jabbing the flabby white rear end of a poor male patient.  And hiding her smirk.

If you want to know more about how I've recycled and cunningly stolen items from my youngest child to make this card, pop over to my blogNo children have been distressed in the process (only because he doesn't know yet!)


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Welcome to the team!

  2. Love that clipboard and the coloring is fantastic! Hahahhahaha...terrific small print on the post too. :)

  3. Fantastic idea, I remember last year, both me and my son had steroid injections to stop our hayfever going ballistic over summer, he must have moand for a week that it hurt to sit down, he'll swear the needle was that big. I had the same injection and had no such problems!