Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hosepipe Ban

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It was about this time last year that news reporters started looking at the state of our water supply here in Blighty, with dried up rivers & depleted reservoirs. Within 2 months we were plunged into a nationwide hosepipe ban.
Cue 365 days worth of ‘ocean-filling’ rain fall.
Gardening Gus from Doctor Digi's House of Stamps can put that dodgy hosepipe back in the shed and while you’re there you might want to dig out your rainmac.


  1. Lovely use of colours Janey, Those clouds look far too innocent for a Brittish downpour =0)

  2. Absolutely riot! Janey can always make me laugh!

  3. Brilliant card and you're so right, who needs a hosepipe here in the UK

  4. That's the best! I think ya'll sent it our way too, so thank you!! :D Awesome card!