Tuesday, 28 May 2013

All In The Name of Showbiz

Martini Bianca is certainly living up to her name.  She may be a little past it, but she is determined to slither into the over-sized comedy Martini glass - all in the name of fun!

After spending a few hours stretching her blue nylon clad legs with Dorothy red shoes whilst in the over-sized glass, it is no surprise that she walks at a rather strange 120 degrees angle.  It takes her at least 3 nights of soaking in a lavender bubble bath to be rid of the foul smelling liquid she sat in.

"All in the name of showbiz d'harling" she retorts when asked why she does it.

Martini Bianca is available to buy from Dr Digi for the glitzy price of £2.00 and the backing paper is none other than the Bloomin' 70's pack.


  1. Wow Ruth, absolutely fantastic and I love, love the sentiment!

  2. Brilliant card Ruth, I never realised Bianca had such a wide range of hosiery =0)

  3. LOL Ruth, love the words and the bling