Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Twice The Celebration

Deirdery isn't afraid to overdo things and because of this she feels she deserves a good soak and time to read the paper. So, you may wonder what Deirdery has been upto.

Well, just look behind her at the wonderful new wallpaper - she choose it and hung it.  So you can see why she is looking rather pleased with herself!

It was one of those Never To Be Repeated sales that Deirdery knew she had to grab what she could see before it was snapped up by another wallpaper enthusiast.  And she bought that much, she could probably decorate at least another two or three rooms.....


  1. This made me smile Ruth, great fun card.
    Kevin xx

  2. Now that's some funky fish paper, think Deirdery's really suiting the green rinse too =0)