Friday, 28 February 2014

Morris Minor Traveller Memories

When I was a child Mum and Dad had some friends who, for as long as I can remember, drove round in a Morris Minor Traveller. We used to get together regularly and if we went anywhere Mum and Dad used to be in their card and me, my sister and their other couple's 3 kids used to pile into the back of the Morris. Well before the days of compulsory car seats! It was a tight fit but it was great fun. This image brought back those happy memories.

You can find the Morris Minor Traveller HERE, perfect for the vintage car enthusiast and it is another £1 digi bargain, get them while they're hot!!


  1. Wonderful childhood memories, fabulous card Ginny x

  2. wonderfull card Ruth... love the egshell traveller.. propper vintage paintwork =0)

  3. I think your card is fantastic. And your childhood memories are so lovely.
    xxx Michelle