Thursday, 27 February 2014


*Whispering* Hi everyone, Stacey here with todays card and we have to whisper. Hannah is feeling a little tender after a wild night out. She got up to some right shenanigans I can tell you! But she is feeling it now and a day on the couch with the remote control and her hot water bottle is in order. The images I have used here are Hangover Hannah and Martini Bianca (ok so I know its not technically the same person but I didn't realise that till after I'd coloured them up!) Head over to the store now to check out Hannah, Bianca and all Dr Digis other voluptuous ladies and gents! You can also see more details on this card over on my blog. Let's leave Hannah to her recovery now... tiptoe out after me...


  1. Wow Fabulous two wonderful images Ginny xx

  2. I came in on my tip toes and have to say this card is fantastic. Lovely to do two images on one card and the story is great.
    xxx Michelle

  3. Fantastic how well these images work together Stacey... Top thinking putting them together and making such an amazing card... Lets just say "Martini Bianca" is Hannah's "going out" name lol