Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hole in one Hal.

This is Hole in one Hal.  I'm cracking on, trying to get ahead and get some Fathers day cards done.

This one I've made for the soon to be Father in Law. (Less than a year till we get Wed...!) He likes his golf but doesn't get much chance to play. All the boys in both families play golf and they have an annual tournament but the cheating that goes on is terrible! We are all pretty competitive - after all Second place is first loser!!

I'm hoping this will be the best Fathers Day card he will receive!!
If you would like to see the recipe for this card - pop over to my blog, where all the colours are listed too.
See you next week,
Liz (:(|)x


  1. A fabulous fathers day card great colouring Ginny x

  2. Looks like Dr. Digi's getting plenty of use for Father's day this year... Great stuff :) Fab card too Liz, hope your father in law to be likes it :)

    1. That's cos your images are perfect for dads & lads. My lot certainly don't want mushy cards... They'd think I was going soft in them!! X