Friday, 5 June 2015

X-Ray Raymond

Oh dearie me, Raymond has come a cropper, never one for taking things slowly, Raymond was on his space hopper, racing down the high street, when he accidently bounced onto a mattress, on display at the local bed shop, and catapulted himself straight into the display next door at the greengrocers. It was carnage aubergines, quince and squash went everywhere (Raymond lives in a posh area it has to be said). Never mind it looks like he has come away pretty unscathed.

You can find X Ray Raymond HERE along with lots of other fantastic digistamps. Hope you all have a good weekend
Ruth x


  1. This is awesome love the additional X-Rays Ginny x

  2. What a smashing card to highlight the plight of suburban quince tragedies :)

  3. Ha! Love the tale of tragedy that Raymond has suffered! I love this card and the mono colour scheme with the touch of red is excellent.
    Liz x