Friday, 28 June 2013

I.T. Ian to the Rescue!

How did computers go from something I wasn't interested in to something I can't live without in less than 20 years. There's nothing quite like the panic induced when the dreaded blue screen of death appears at the worst moment possible, or the broadband suddenly dies and you are faced with how long you should leave it before you decide to do battle with a call centre based far, far away!

Everyone needs an IT Ian, he has been around since pong tennis first hit our screens (my kids laugh when I describe the happiness I felt when we got such a sophisticated game, let's face it, it was no World of Warcraft!). You can find I.T. Ian HERE and this month's freebie is Ian's trusty computer, available HERE

And thank you to my son for letting me take a picture of his NASA control centre as a background. Apparently he does need three monitors!

1 comment:

  1. Cracking card Ruth. Got to say I'm a bit jealous of the 3 monitors though =0)