Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Star Trekin'

Sometimes there is a certain film or tv series that really captures the imagination.  This can become an all consuming passion in which the hooked partake in realistic fully costumed renditions of favourite scenes.  Svetlana is no exception.  Here we manage to capture a glimpse of her just prior to transporting herself to such an event.

Her front room (or 'parlour' as she pronounces it in her heavy LiLithuanian accent) is quite the shrine to the popular interstellar travel series that is Star Trek, circa 1968 - The Original Series.  Complete with glittery floor covering (a DIY attempt to recreate the Starship Enterprise) and a blow-up globe, Svetlana feels right at home.

Svetlana Queen of Uranus can be transported to your own hard drive for the token gesture of two English Pounds.  Her occassional side table is also available for 50p, and if you too desire the Bloomin' 70's wallpaper, this can also grace your creations for £1 - be sure to check the multi buy discounts though on the papers!