Tuesday, 11 June 2013

To Dad

This is the card I'm going to send my Dad for Fathers Day (which is this coming Sunday in case you'd forgotten).  Now, I know he has a sense of humour but I'm not sure if I'm pushing my luck a bit too much here as my Dad doesn't quite look like the image on the card; yes he is balding but he's not quite at the Santa look just yet.  But I do know he likes his tea.

Plus I've never known my Dad to wear a lime green ensamble as I've depicted here, but I do recall some very similar lurid 1970's wallpaper which I'm sure was captured in the many Birthday parties we had as kids........

Feet Up and A Cuppa are available to buy right now so you too can insult your Dad!  Plus authentic Bloomin' 70's wallpaper adds the perfect touch - available in various cringy colours!

PS Don't forget the Birthday Sale - its on until 23 June but you'll need the discount code (on the post below!)


  1. I'm kinda' touched you're using a Dr. Digi design for your fathers day card Ruth, and you made a brilliant card with it too. I'm sure your dad will love it, lime green slacks or not =0)

  2. Fantastic card Ruth! I know what you mean about the wallpaper!