Monday, 24 June 2013

Newsletter Releases

The Latest newsletter brings you another great batch of releases.
"I.T. Ian" For the geek in your life, we have the hardest working
computer whizz out there. Just dont ask him to fix your email.
"Arcade Addict" The perfect retro gaming backing paper for a geek
"Beach Bum Bob" Living the life of a beach bum isn't as easy as
you'd think. Those coconuts dont just fill them selves with rum...
"Slinky 70s" A great retro guys background.


  1. YaY - I bought all these the other day. They are so cool and I know a computer Geek or two hahahaha LoL
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Heh great, thanks Ike, would love to see what you make with them.