Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Aphid Assassinator

Looks can be deceptive.  Take for instance Mr Thomas Gunn, or Tommy Gunn as his friends call him.  At first glance appears to be a gun totting, viola case carrying, pin stripe suit wearing, hard faced kinda chap. 

But look a little further and you'll realise that the gun is actually an oversized bug sprayer, the viola case does indeed contain a viola (larger than a violin case and therefore more imposing), the pin stripe suit is because all his others are at the dry cleaners.  And well, he can't help what Mother Nature dealt him in the way of looks.

Tommy Gunn - the Aphid Assassinator is available to buy for the tax free amount of £2.


  1. now that's one brilliant card Ruth. You've excelled your self =0)

  2. Oh Ruth, what a fantastic and fun card!

  3. LOL, this is fantastic, love his for hire sign