Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Living The Life

All is good and quite mellow in the life of Beach Bum Bob.  He worked hard for a living selling all manner of household appliances at his family owned firm - Bomit - the well known electrical retailer - but just could not get to grips with the new fangled technology age and decided to call it quits.

He now revels in the beach life and he can be found wandering around the beach huts sipping a strictly non alcoholic cocktail authentically served from half a coconut.

The only hint of his highly successful career is his penchant for the highly sought after Christian Louboutin sandals. 

Treat yourself to Beach Bum Bob - only £2.  A darn site cheaper than the sandals.  And Bob will probably be in fashion longer too.


  1. Love Bob's tan! Fabulous card and great scene!

  2. Brilliant card Ruth, those beach huts are a great little touch =0)

  3. Great card, love the beach huts