Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I'd Rather Be Dancing

Knock Out Kevin (or KO Kev as the promoters like to call him) is looking rather worse for wear.  He's unbeaten in his heavyweight boxing career with 68 wins, 44 of them knock outs (hence his name).

He still has the bruises from the previous 8 wins but as his trainer says, the superficial injuries take longer to heal the older you get.

And what does Kevin think about his glittering boxing career?  Well, to be honest, he'd rather be dancing to S Club 7 - Reach For The Stars in particular.

KO Kevin can be yours for just £2!


  1. Fantastic Ruth! Love his bruised eye!

  2. I bet you were humming the theme from "Rocky" while you coloured this. Brilliant card Ruth =0)