Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New releases and a little "lovin"

The last newsletter saw some fantastic new designs.  For those of you who missed them
may I introduce "Polly Dent" : Polly has been Duncan Disorderly's long suffering partner
since she first met him at an Xray Spex gig at the Roxy in 77.  The Roxy may be long gone,
but they're still going strong. Their pogoing days are well behind them though.
PLUS Poly Dent and Duncan Disorderly are available with a group discount:
Buy both together and save 25%!
 Dr. Digi was recently informed that you crafty lot out there are using some
new fangled gizmo called blog loving to follow some of your favorite blogs.
So just to keep up, we've got onboard.

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