Wednesday, 14 November 2012

BBQ Bill's Blunder...

After to listening to his wife nag for 9 years about investing in a TALLER privacy fence, Bill finally decides today is the day.
Greetings from the backyard of BBQ Bill, aka Bad Boy Bill, who simply wants to grill, but has turned it into a total blunder and the neighbours are having a hay day with it!
Thank you to Dr. Digi's House of Stamps for creating this comical masculine card. I took a few liberties with the image and added the I (heart) Mom tattoo, the bandanna on his head and the large flame shooting from his Char-Master 2000.
Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope you've enjoyed your visit.
Bill was supposed to have a little snack for you while you visit, but....
I've ordered pizza so please help yourself to some on the way out.


  1. LOL I love this, poor BBQ Bill, needs more pratice, fab card xx

  2. Oh...the common garden BBQer. NOT a common sight though in the UK unless he's sheltering under an umbrella with soggy sausages.