Saturday, 24 November 2012

Angling Andy

Angling Andy sure has got a whopper and the 'smuggiest' of smug looks to boot.
No sign of a fishing rod thinks he's cheated with a trip to the fishmongers.
Check out ol' Andy & a whole host of other chaps at Doctor Digi's House of Stamps.
Card details on my blog here.


  1. With a card that good Jane, I think you're just fishing for compliments =0) aaahhh cant beat a good Pun...

  2. Great card, I know people like Andy, they go via the fish shop on the way home and get the biggest fish they can!

  3. Jane! He's shrimply fintastic....I love the coloring on him and that 5 o'clock shadow too. What a hoot of a write up as well. I too, "codn't" pass up the oppor"tuna"ity to make a pun just for the halibut. ;)