Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hole in One Hal

Hal's got the right's official...Golf is the most boring sport EVER...fact!
The 19th hole is the place to be.
Once you've visited the Doc' & got your prescription of fabulous digi's check out my card details here.


  1. Just love Hal! What a handsome man he is regardless of his activity!

  2. Fabulous image brilliant layout Ginny x

  3. I concur! I'd rather have a root canal done than play golf! Sorry, but that's the most frustrating sport EVER. Awesome to take naps to though when it's on TV. ;) Jane, your card is brilliant. Love the paper choices you chose to simulate sky and grass and Hal is colored up smashingly!

  4. I totally agree...why would you play around in scrub and bush, that probably has snakes or something evil in there, just to find this silly white ball, then only to hit it back in there with the giant spiders and things is beyond me..but the there's a place you would find me...fabulous card, so glad Hal has it all sorted...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  5. Ha ha, fab card, my favourite place would be the 19th hole too!