Sunday, 11 November 2012

Run Derek Run

Each morning as Dr. Digi's House of Stamps' star athlete, Run Derek Run, dresses for his morning run, his devoted wife of many years rouses from sleep long enough to question his motives for exercising at such an early hour. Of course he gives her the same answer each morning — because he is trying to keep fit after overindulging from the delicious meals she prepares. But the truth is that Run Derek Run enjoys keeping pace while watching the jiggling derrières of all the members of the women's volleyball team as they run through the park! 


  1. Would you look at that scenery! Tammy, terrific job with the lawn and street, you really put Run Derek Run in a wonderful environment. I love that sentiment too! Is that a Confucius say? Or from the mind of Tammy? Either way, it's brilliant!!

  2. LOL, so funny, love the scenery and the sentiment

  3. Fantastic card Tammy, the background really sets off the image off.. and love the furry headband... so,about these jiggling derrières?