Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dunderton Academicals FC

Derek sure does have balls...he's quite the sportsman. But with a wife like Deirdery, it's essential that Derek remains in tip-top condition...she's one feisty woman.

To get your hands on Derek, before Deirdery devours him, you need to pay a visit to the Doc at Doctor Digi's House of Stamps. Tell him you've come to rescue Derek and while you're there in the waiting room check out all the other fabulous digi's n' decoupage on offer. There's also a freebie to grab too.

Card details on my blog here.


  1. Terrific card Jane!! Your descriptions always crack me up. :)

  2. Nicely done Jane! Though colouring him in Sunderland colours is opening up a whole can of worms round my neck of the woods =0)

  3. I am thinking you might be a member of the toon army then John! It's a great card Jane, love the middle circle with the words round the edge xx

  4. I'm totaly clueless when it comes to football Ruth. Always prefered snooker.
    Now there's an idea for a digi =0)