Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I Love Tea

Ah, perfect cuppa tea.  Ambrose Dunderton assumes the typical Sunday slouch on his favourite armchair and matching pouffe.   The lamp stands on a rug, donated by the generous Mrs C from just down the road.

And what garishly randomly striped wallpaper would not be complete without the three flying ducks.  Ambrose's homage to the irresistable Hilda Ogden (of whom he spends many a happy hour daydreaming about in his comfy armchair).

Feet Up and a Cuppa and Lamp digi's available to purchase from Doctor Digi this very instant!


  1. Fantastic card Ruth! Love, love the birds!

  2. lol at the birds, great scene

  3. Adore what you've done with Ambrose Ruth. You've really hit it with the whole atmosphere. Brilliant card.