Sunday, 17 March 2013

Knitty Nora

Dr. Digi's House of Stamps is very pleased to announce that Knitty Nora has made it to the final round of the Knit & Pearl Champion! So far Nora is the favorite of her group and has the highest points for the most accurate knits and pearls! Fingers crossed that Nora doesn't forget what she is doing and wanders off in search of her cat!


  1. Brilliant Tammy,I love the scene look at that carpet, fabulous.
    Kevin xx

  2. I see you've ripped up your finest shag-pile to create this fabulous scene Tammy....way to go! Such dedication x

  3. Now that's one seriously plush carpet. Nora's got some pretty niffty interior design ideas. Love the card Tammy.