Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Interview With First Place Phil

Today, Dr Digi can reveal that a World Exclusive Interview was conducted in very top secret with Phil Vroom following his highly successful return to racing.  To keep all Phil's fans fully briefed, here follows a snippet from that very World Exclusive Interview.

Dr Digi:  So then Phil, how does it feel to be right at the top of the game once again?

First Place Phil:  Feels mighty fine Dr D.

DD:  I see you have some new young blood racing alongside you in the highly successful Champion Kart Services team?

FPP:  Indeedy I have.  Young whippersnappers that they are.  Need to watch out for Cunliffe - he's a demon in the wet conditions.

DD:  So he's tipped for the top is he?

FPP:  (Becoming rather hot and bothered) I can out drive him any day of the week.  Any day I tell you.  Just look at all my trophies - look at this one here.  See how the gold shines?  I polish ..........

DD:  (Sheepishly) I must dash. I think I left the iron on........

First Place Phil is available to buy in a flash from Dr Digi.  Just make sure yours is not past it.

PS  If you want to know the REAL story behind this, pop over to my blog where I shall reveal all!!!


  1. I am sure Phil is really worried about the Cunliffe brothers they are top class racers and I hear that Samuel Cunliffe had a fantastic year getting more that just one gold cup,watch out Phil!
    Kevin xx

  2. Incredible card Ruth! The world needs to watch out for the Cunliffe brothers!

  3. Brilliant back story for a brilliant card Ruth =0)