Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shade Embarrassed

I treated myself to a Filofax after Christmas (my local Staples was closing down and the half price sale was too good to miss) with the intention of adding Birthday's, Anniversaries and addresses to it.

After 3 months I have got as far as addresses.  So you can now see why I love this lamp digi.  And you will too at 50p!

I've already used one of the cards.  And you'd think it would be easier for me to get the Filofax prepared in advance.  Nope.  Too much like being organised!  Plus I can then spend the time I would have lost in actually doing some neat writing on thinking up witty captions.

For more details pop over to my blog.


  1. Very clever Ruth! Fabulous belated birthday card!

  2. So true...I swear I spend more time writing my blog posts than making the card itself. So filling your filofax (aint you posh) is not a good use of time...there's work to be done...making brilliant (if a little shadey...get it...another tumbleweed moment.......) cards :-)

  3. These are fabulous Ruth, a really clever idea.
    Kevin xx

  4. I see what you did there =0) great idea. Brill cards.