Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Make it Monday sponsorship

 Some very nice people over at
Make it Monday are making some
very nice cards with Dr. Digi's designs.
The Doctor is sponsoring this challenge
and we've been blown away by the talented crafters and what they've come up with.
We'll be posting some of our favourites here and on Facebook.  Like this brilliant version of 
 Pegleg Pete by Chirssy I'm feeling all piratical already.  Pop over to Make it Monday and Chrissy's
blog and let them know we all think they're great.


  1. Arrrrgh...mighty nice card ye made har mate!! That's a right fine booty Pegleg has too ;)

  2. And pass the rum! Fun card and great colors and coloring!

  3. LOL, I agree with me mate Lisa M., Miss Chrissy. That's a mighty fine card ye made and I'm likin' Pegleg's booty as well. Might fancy me one just like it arrrrgh....lol
    You go girl! ;-)
    me xx

  4. Arggh that there be some skillfull colouring from Chrissy, she be talented for sure!!

    Fantastic images from the Doc, big thanks from the team!!

    Michelle :o)

  5. "SQUARRRK!!! What am I ? An accessory?" says the handsome parrot ."Or an accomplice." He adds.
    Fabulous image and Chrissy you have showcased it beautifully.
    Thanks Doc. from another MIM lady.


  6. What a fabulous card! Love the image... :)

  7. Arrrgghhh...matey...right proud I am that you showcased me card..cannot go wrong with such great images...

    Luv CHRISSYxx